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 Becoming Aware

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PostSubject: Becoming Aware   Becoming Aware I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 19, 2010 9:52 pm

Even though I never played Final Fantasy and though little about the the series, I am going to try something loosely based off of it.
The areas are mostly cities, with occasional fields or natural areas such as deserts, fields, bodies of water and etc.

"It all started a year ago. Certain people kept disappearing. They are certain because they have... extraordinary properties. Or rather, the potential to become extraordinary. They come in sizes big and small, short and tall, of races and ethnicity aplenty with eyes and hair of different colors. The people's personalities were that of different kinds. Each one unique, complicated and wonderful in their own ways.

I myself was the 3rd one to disappear. I appeared in this world one day after meeting him. Yes, I think he is the connection. He was a fellow like no other. That hobo... He appeared in different places. He always had his trademark red and green sweater with a thick bathrobe, dulled and weathered corduroys and those old leather shoes. He had on a home made scarf, that fur cap and those ski goggles.

He was tan and perhaps he had African American blood. He had a scruffy beard that never seemed to grow. The oddest part were his eyes. Their colors...
They were like a rainbow or rather a mosaic of different colors. It was like he gazed into your soul like an all-knowing deity. The next day, I woke in the new world.

It has been a year and there are probably 30 to 50 Earthlings here. Some have thrived, some have survived, and others... well, they joined the new afterlife. It has been a year since I arrived, and now I realize I have to find out why I was sent. That hobo... I had seen him nearly a year later... maybe the anniversary that these disappearances started. He looked at me with those eyes and he vanished in the wind. His gaze pierced my soul and I realized that day...

I wasn't alone... and now I have to find others so we find why we are here... and judging by that man's gaze... it may kill us not finding out...

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PostSubject: Re: Becoming Aware   Becoming Aware I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 19, 2010 6:38 pm

Let's face some facts here, my dead and not present peers, some serious evil brought you here. Even worse, a great good could have brought you here, to fight a mind blowing evil.

Yet, things don't look too bad. I mean, as far as realistic cruel and self serving go as evil.

Maybe we can't see it.

Maybe the narrator himself is misguided, lost and confused.

Maybe, we got a whole different level of shit to deal with that our little characters can't even begin to see yet.

No matter what, you must fight! To find a way back home, if not to just survive! This is not your world. No! You've been stolen! Kidnapped! Misplaced!

By whom!?

Well, that's something we'll find out.

If you've survived, that is.
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Becoming Aware
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