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PostSubject: Rules   Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:43 pm

This is a Futile Japan style RP. your character does not have to be Japanese. but your attributes still have to stay true to the time period. Just the same your weapons dont have to be japanese either.

No Godmodding.If your curious as to if a character of yours is godmodded PM me.

If your character is a Half Demon you have two types: One. a half demon who is noticeable part demon weither they look mostly human with some small demon attributes (such as wolf ears, dragon tail etc)(also humanoid wolves, like a werewolf, are considered Demons) Or an unnoticeable half demon such as a human who only appears demon or acts demon like due to an emotion or event that triggers it. Unnoticweable half demons dont have to have any demon attributes at all not even when changed...unless you chose to have so.

If i think of any other rules i will post them
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