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 AQWorlds quest idea.

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PostSubject: AQWorlds quest idea.   Fri May 29, 2009 12:26 am

Artix wrote:
Meanwhile, help build AQWorlds!
With the launch of the 1st Lord of Chaos battle we just finished our first major questing area! We are going to be building a lot more and were wondering... did you want to help? Maegwyn just created a Quest Area Suggestion thread. This is an official post where you can pitch ideas for themes, areas, villians (and their army of minions), quests, and adventures that you would like to see in game! We highly recommend using your characters (and your friend's characters) as NPCs. Remember, this is a creative thread -- be supportive of all ideas and above all else, have fun!
Official Quest Area Suggetion Post

Just putting my idea here.

Area: Shadowfall Kitchen (/join Shadowkitchen),or a door in Shadowfall.
Enemies Chaorrupted Bread
Chaorrupted turkey
Chaorrupted T-bone
Chaorrupted Cabbage
(Boss) Chaorrupted Soufflé
NPC: Master Chef: Iron Cook (A Shadowscythe Reaver with a white chef hat and apron. Holding a ham leg.)
Dialog: (If Evil) Took someone long enough! Do you know how long it's been since I sent word? Never mind that, I've got bigger problems. You guys don't wash your hands before coming to dinner, and don't bother arguing with me. How do I know this? You dang adventures brought some of that dang chaos with you! It was probably all over your armor too, filthy... Thanks to you guys we've got a chaos infection in the food storage room! Go do your job and clear out your mess.
(If Good) Oh great, I call for help and they send a goody-two-shoes. Well beggars can't be choosers. I'll make this simple for you, people came back and brought some chaos with them, and now that chaos is in the food supple. Got it? Good, do your work before I smash you with this ham.
Quest1: Bag the Bread- First order of business, clear out the bread. It's used the most so it's the top priority, bring me 12 Bread crusts to so me you're done.
Quest2:Take the turkey!- Tomorrow We're having a feast and what is usually the center piece? The Turkey, and this is gonna be a big feast! Bring be 5 Turkey legs to prove you've cleansed enough to get by on.
Quest3 My Cabbages!- How can I garnish my cooking without cabbage leaves! Bring me back 15 Cabbage Leaves so I can properly garnish my dishes.
Quest4 To save a Soufflé- Even my main dish has been Chaorrupted! You have to save it, or the feast is ruined! Bring me back the purified Soufflé so dinner isn't ruined!
Finishing quest four opens a shop.
Weapons: Ham Leg- After beating the enemy, you can eat it, multifunctional!
Cabbage on a stick- Smack 'em with some greens!
Helmet: Steak face- Could they have cooked it first?
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AQWorlds quest idea.
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